This is the home page of Dr. Duncan Macgregor and of the Online Paleotectonics and Paleogeography of Africa Atlas project. This site is now devoted to maps I am working on covering the paleotectonic and paleogeographic history of Africa since the Permian. The aim of this work, together with my colleague Colin Reeves, is to provide a free product on the regional geology of the African plate, from which African workers can understand the regional context of their more specific and local studies. For a YouTube video of this work please click

The methodology behind these maps is described here. All maps are fixed on the Present Day position of the African continent, with all other plates and palaeolatitudes belts moving relative to Africa. For paleolatitude lines, see the climate maps. The maps will continue to be developed through time, and sources will be referenced, primarily through hyperlinks. As we are essentially at a peer-review stage now, all comments and criticisms will be welcomed.

Please contact me at  (or on form below) for comments on these maps, consultancy services, requests for shape files, quotes on inhouse training courses and briefings or invitations to non-profit making conferences. I do not attend commercial conferences and am not interested in having this website redesigned or any services.  All images may be used without my written permission for any NON-COMMERCIAL USE, provided this site is referenced as the source. For commercial use please contact me.

For pre-Permian maps please see the publication by Torsvik and Cocks 2011. Future developments of this atlas may cover the Palaeozoic and a depth to Basement map. 
Macgregor Session 1 Geol Soc Jan 2024.pdf

Latest Presentations

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